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  "Fine products are made in the world." ZheJiang Chuangshi Electropnic Techology Co.,Ltd. is a professional sensor R & D manufacturer, specializing in producing all kinds of automatic products, such as close switch, photoelectric switch, light screen switch, magnetic switch, rope running switch, cold and hot metal detector and so on. The products are widely used in plastic, light industry, textile, chemical, petroleum, tobacco, food, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial machinery equipment and automation line, for the limit, location measurement, automatic counting, speed measurement, automatic protection, signal transmission, protection, isolation.

  The products produced by our company are all designed and manufactured by international standards, and can be exchanged with other similar products abroad. Product components are carefully designed and Seiko assembled, and the quality of products can be compared with foreign products.

  After years of development, the company has a certain scale, in the same industry enjoy a high degree of popularity, the company has an advanced technology experts and advanced engineering and technical personnel of the scientific research team. In order to speed up the development of products and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, the company actively introduces various professionals and purchases advanced instruments and testing equipment.

  In the fierce market competition, the company always takes quality as the core of all management work, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, establishes a set of better quality assurance system, and takes "quality first, customer first" as the consistent aim of market competition, and solemnly promises to carry out complete and responsible after-sale service to many customers. Business. We have a comprehensive computer design engineering research and development department and professional and technical personnel to develop new products with high efficiency and high quality. We can not only provide customers with the existing products of our company, but also develop new products according to the specific needs of customers. We can provide customers with comprehensive products according to ODM and OEM. Service.

  The company always adhere to the concept of quality first, reasonable price, timely delivery and considerate service, customer satisfaction is our eternal goal. For many years, our company has been with good products and good service to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, well received by the broad masses of users.